If you are looking into options for a more efficient workspace, our wood handling system might be the ideal fit for you. This innovative system by QToploader in the Netherlands allows you to efficiently store different kinds of wood and dose them whenever needed. Whether you work with woodchips, shredded wood, bark, or sawdust; our products handle your material perfectly.

Are you looking for a solution for a wood handling system?

Save time and energy with our wood handling system

With our automatic Toploader systems, you do not need to manually stack your material with a wheel loader. Instead, the scraper does this for you as soon as it detects new material in your bulk storage. You can also let this wood handling system automatically dose the material for you whenever you need it. Continuous dosing is possible as well, allowing you to work efficiently at all times. Count on our team of specialists to not only design, but produce, install, and engineer your products for a complete package. Would you instead like to work with our systems for biomass? Our team will gladly design a fitting product.

Invest in our reliable system

Our wood handling system is reliable and can be modified to fit your core businesses. Are you curious about how this product can make a difference for your company? Visit us at one of our exhibitions to learn more about our products and watch a prototype in action or fill out our contact form for a quotation.