width: 2-8 meters
length: up to 100 meters
product layer: 1-5 meters
storage volume: up to 1200 m3 per QToploader
special dimensions on request

traverse movement: 1.1-15 kW
hoisting scraper: 0.55-3.0 kW
brake systems
frequency controlled (VSD)

HEB rails with wall supports
lifting arm with scraper
ramp at discharge side
PLC control unit with touch screen
full cabling

Control system
fully automatic dosing and stacking
visual presentation of actual stock level
programmable re-ordering set point
programmable access times to storage area
first-in first-out dosing possible
remote control
service mode
data logging
VPN connection for remote support
operational statistics

stainless steel

turnkey installation
start-up and commissioning

QToploader options
multiple QToploaders
special dimensions
storage in basement
tilting scraper
scraper at door for better use of silo
rubber scraper for wet products
earthquake resistant version
special scraper design
multiple dosing capacities
access control systems

standard curtainsided trailer
40’ container
export documents

Loading of storage bay
by reversing trailer
by overhead conveyor

full scraper dosing for high capacities
partial scraper dosing for low capacities
controlled continuous dosing
surge dosing for very high dosing capacity
combination with (existing) sliding floor
combination with (existing) walking floor
combination with (existing) rotating scraper

Discharge systems
belt conveyors
screw conveyors
chain conveyors