For the storage and dosing of chemicals, a specialised system is required. If you are looking for such a system that can be fully customised, QToploader in the Netherlands is your trusted partner. Our energy-efficient products help you upgrade your storage space in a safe way and allow you to easily dose chemicals continuously.

Are you looking for a solution for storage and dosing chemicals?

A custom-made system for storage and dosing of chemicals

When working with chemicals, safety is your highest priority. Therefore, you can count on our Toploader systems to safely handle the storage and dosing of various chemicals. Since our team handles design, production, installation, and maintenance of your products, your wishes and applications are all taken into account when you order one of our systems. That means you always receive a product that suits your needs and bulk storage demands perfectly. You use our products both for storage and dosing of chemicals, allowing you to work efficiently at all times. Is there no demand for product? The machine will automatically switch to a stand-by mode so you can save energy.

Ask us any questions you may have

Are you interested in one of our systems for the storage and dosing of chemicals, or would you rather like to use our products as a wood handling system? Tell our team more about your company and applications and ask us any questions you might have. We will gladly help you choose the right system. Fill out our contact form or call +31 653 11 22 11 to get in touch with our experts.