The reception and appropriate dosing of biomass can be a costly affair with regard to front loader costs, manpower and energy. That is why QToploader International in The Netherlands has an innovative system that fully automates this process and help you save money and energy. The Toploader system with high reliability at extreme low operational and maintenance cost is an efficient system for reception and dosing of biomass.

Are you looking for an efficient solution for handling biomass ?

Streamline the reception and dosing of biomass products

Biomass storage and handling can take a lot of space for unloading, intermediate storage and 24/7 dosing to your process line. The Toploader systems offers you a fully automatic solution for reception of bulk trailers, stacking for efficient storage and automatic dosing, all integrated in one system.
Multiple QToploader systems make it possible to store high volumes in different compartments to reduce fire risk and have redundancy capacities. The dosing can be continuous or on demand start/stop. The Toploader system requires very low energy and maintenance. For general information about QToploader International, click on the HOME link at the top of this page.

Upgrade your biomass storage facility

Are you curious about the many applications for which a Toploader system can be used ? Whether you are looking for an improved reception and dosing of biomass or a combination with drying or composting, QToploader International will gladly be your partner. You can fill in the inquiry form if you wish to receive a quotation, or call us directly on +31 612 59 13 14. For photos, animations and videos to illustrate the working of the QToploader systems, click on the GALLERY link at the top of this page.