The reception and appropriate dosing of biomass can prove to be quite tedious and cost you a lot of time, manpower, and energy. That is why QToploader in the Netherlands has come up with innovative systems that automate this process and help you save energy and money. Trust on our reliable products to be a cost-effective investment for an efficient reception and dosing of biomass.

Are you looking for a solution for dosing biomass?

Streamline the reception and dosing of biomass products

As biomass is often subject to intermediate storing, you want to invest in a system that not only helps you quickly load and unload this product, but dose it on demand as well. Therefore, our Toploader systems make for a great investment that boost your efficiency greatly. You can easily store and dose bulk products with these innovative systems. During the reception of biomass, you quickly unload your trucks in the storage space and after that, they system will stack up the material and start dosing. If there is no more product or demand, your system switches to stand-by mode to save valuable energy.

Upgrade your biomass storing facility

Are you curious about the many applications of our system? Whether you are looking for a modified reception and dosing space for biomass or a digester system, QToploader will gladly be your partner. Contact our team today to learn how we can help you upgrade your storing facility and call +31 653 11 22 11.