You can store industrial biomass safely and efficiently with our advanced storage system. As the storage of this material is a critical element in the supply chain, you want a cost-effective solution that enables you to store and deliver biomass with ease. Count on QToploader in the Netherlands to design your very own storage system that is optimised for industrial biomass.

Are you looking for an industrial biomass storage system?

Save energy with our industrial biomass storage system

Our various Toploader storage systems can be customised to perfectly fit the kind of biomass your company stores and processes. Our automatic storage systems stack all of the available material and distribute the product in practical doses until your storage space is empty. As soon as this storage and dosing system notices that there is no biomass left, it switches to stand-by mode, allowing you to save energy and money. You do not need to switch it on again when a truck delivers new industrial biomass to the storage system; it will switch back on by itself.

Discover the many possibilities for your applications

If you are looking for an innovative solution for your intermediate storage, you can count on our experienced team to supply you with a custom industrial storage system for your biomass. Are you curious about all of the possibilities and materials our systems can process? Visit us at one of our exhibitions or contact our team by calling  +31 653 11 22 11.