Upgrade your storage with an energy-saving bulk handling system by QToploader. Our company in the Netherlands is the only company that is specialised in designing, producing, installing, and maintaining these systems. With our innovative solutions, you can save time, money, and resources as we supply you with an energy-saving installation.

Are you looking for a solution for an energy-saving bulk handling system?

Our energy-saving bulk handling system works automatically

Various industries work with bulk products that need to be received, stored, and dosed constantly. If you want to save yourself valuable time during these processes, our Toploader storage systems are the perfect solution. With such a bulk handling system, you benefit from an energy-saving installation that works automatically. You will not need to worry about wasting energy as this bulk storage and handling system automatically switches to stand-by mode when there is no more material available. As soon as you supply it with new products, our machines start automatically dosing them. Therefore, this is the perfect digester storage system, for example.

Streamline your bulk handling processes

With a custom-made and energy-saving system by QToploader, you can streamline your bulk handling processes with ease. Count on our team to come up with a design and to take care of production, installation, and maintenance. Contact us today by calling +31 653 11 22 11 for personal advice or to have us design your very own system.