Does the core business of your company revolve around bulk storage? You can save a lot of time and energy during this process with the help of QToploader. Our company in the Netherlands is specialised in designing, engineering and maintaining custom-made systems for the organisation of your bulk storage. We deliver our systems worldwide.

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The various kinds of bulk storage our installations manage

Whether it comes to the storage of packaged or loose products, our Toploaders help you efficiently and automatically take care of your bulk. These systems are designed on the basis or our clients’ wishes and help you streamline the storage and dosing of bulk products. Thanks to the light construction and minimal maintenance needed, these systems are a cost-effective investment with many long-term benefits. You can use these installations for the intermediate storage of many different bulk products, such as:

The specifications of our machines are carefully adjusted to the nature of the products your company processes.

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Whether your business focuses on recycling, or the manufacturing of various chemicals, our systems offer a reliable solution. Are you interested in our solutions, or do you want to learn more about their various applications? Visit us at one of the exhibitions we are attending. Of course, you can always fill out our contact form as well for an insight in how we can be of service to your company.