Have you ever considered investing into an automatic storage system? We help you optimise your processes with an automatic and energy-efficient storage system for a diverse range of products and materials. QToploader in the Netherlands is your specialist when it comes to dosing and handling systems and delivers you efficient, tailor-made solutions. Our patented systems can be distributed worldwide.

Are you looking for an automatic storage system?

Our automatic and energy-efficient storage system is an asset for your business

When it comes to Toploader systems, our team designs, produces, installs, and maintains these innovative products for you. Therefore, you can count on us to come up with an automatic and energy-efficient bulk storage that suits your company and your core business applications. Our energy-saving bulk handling systems help you save money and energy by switching to stand-by mode as soon as it detects that your storage is fully empty. As soon as new bulk gets delivered, your automatic and energy-efficient storage will start scraping product to the front of the storage space. This stack of product can then be automatically dosed into similar portions. Therefore, you do not need to manually operate this installation in order to work at full capacity.

Optimise your processes with our products

Whether you are looking for an alternative to a sliding floor or you simply want to streamline your processes further, our automatic and energy-efficient storage offers a great solution. Are you interested in a tailor-made installation for your business? Fill out our contact form and ask us for a demo trailer or call +31 653 11 22 11 for personal advice.