Are you looking into options that make a great alternative to using a wheel loader and overhead crane? When it comes to dosing and storing various materials, QToploader in the Netherlands is your expert. We deliver custom-made installations that are fine-tuned to your applications. Discover how our systems make for a great alternative to your wheel loader and overhead crane.

Are you looking for an alternative to wheel loader and overhead crane?

What are the advantages of our alternative to a wheel loader and overhead crane?

What makes our Toploader storage systems a great alternative, is the fact that they operate automatically. This gives you more load control than a wheel loader and makes for an energy-saving bulk handling system as the installation switches to stand-by as soon as the storage space is empty or there is no demand for product. Adding to this, you do not need to manually operate this system in order to store and dose bulk products. Therefore, you will benefit of extra safety around your workplace. Especially when it comes to storing industrial biomass or chemicals, safety precautions are of great importance and help your employees to confidently execute their tasks.

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While a wheel loader and overhead crane may have become a staple for your business, our alternative systems offer a more efficient solution. Are you curious what kind of materials these systems can process? Feel free to contact our experts and learn more about our products and their applications.