If you would like to invest in an alternative to a sliding floor and walking floor, you can count on QToploader in the Netherlands. We are specialised in the manufacturing of patented reception, storage, and dosing systems that help you work more efficiently. Our products are found at recycling and production companies in many different industries worldwide.

Are you looking for an alternative for a sliding or walking floor?

What makes our system a great alternative to a sliding floor and a walking floor?

A walking floor and a sliding floor help you quickly load and unload products, but our alternative works much more efficiently. It helps you load and unload product in specific doses. When you order one of our Toploader systems, you will benefit from a custom-made installation. Therefore, this alternative to a sliding floor can be fully modified to suit your needs and applications, such as bulk storage of a specific material. Another advantage is that this system helps you save energy and money as it switches to idle mode when there is no more product available. At the same time, you can have your installation work automatically which makes it a great alternative to a sliding floor and walking floor which need to be operated manually. Whether you are looking for a wood handling system or food waste storage, our QToploader offers you the perfect solution.

Discover the many advantages

Would you like to switch out your sliding floor and walking floor for a cost-effect installation with a minimal energy consumption? Discover our range of versatile machines and use this storage system for combined heat and power or many other applications. If you are interested in a system for your business, please fill out our contact form or call +31 653 11 22 11 for personal advice.