Streamline your work processes with our fully automatic dosing system. While we are situated in the Netherlands, QToploader has helped many companies worldwide upgrade their storing and dosing systems with our innovative solutions. Whether you work with materials such as fibres, metal, or food waste, our installations are able to keep up and dose these products automatically.

Are you looking for an automatic dosing system?

Save time and energy with our automatic dosing system

We offer you various Toploader systems that can be modified to fully suit your wishes and applications. What makes these installations a great alternative to overhead cranes, is the fact that they operate automatically and help you save energy as they switch to stand-by mode when there is no more bulk available. On top of that, you will have more control over the size of your doses with our automatic dosing system. Therefore, you will benefit of a cost-effective investment with our bulk storage and dosing products.

Let us design a system for your specific applications

Do you have specific applications in mind for our systems and are you wondering if we can supply you with a custom-made installation? Fill out our contact form to learn more about our automatic dosing system and to which industries they are relevant. Another option is to visit us at one of our exhibitions to see a prototype of this dosing system in action.